Innovation is a side effect of successful and consistent empowerment of an organization’s greatest asset: its culture.

1. Organizations are cultures

Rich or poor, rising or dying, structured or informal, every organization has its own values, its own style, characteristic attitude and typical behaviour.

Those defining behaviours and values might not be the most common ones in an organization – yet, they represent a sort of signature for it.

2. Culture is not a set of rules

If it’s necessary to impose behaviours and values with rules, then their representativity is in discussion. If an organization changes in a way that is not consistent with its culture, there is no rule to prevent the culture itself to change accordingly.

3. Organizations are not machinery

When they are treated like machines, their innovative potential gets to be expressed somewhere else

4. No success, no innovation

In the long run, nobody will call anything innovative if it wasn’t a success in the first place.

5. Ideas do not matter 

Everybody has plenty of ideas: creativity is everywhere, entrepreneurship is scarce.

6. Methodologies fall short

Methodologies can help transform ideas into reality, but what they guarantee is predictable results: only style can make them unique.

7. Innovative companies are not your role model

You might try to copy their processes, while what you really want to achieve is their success.

Successful innovation is not achieved by means of trying to go where everybody else is going and be just the same, indistinguishable and – ultimately – boring.

Any initiative aimed at innovation must stay true to the corporate culture, empower and leverage it to develop new things with the same people, in the same market and with the same values. Just truly unique, therefore memorable and – ultimately – better.

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