Aston Martin returns to Formula 1 with a driverless car


After 60 years, the world-renowed brand of is planning a comeback to Formula 1 after its brief appearance in the late 50’s. And the announcement is a true revolution, not an easy feat in a world that is by definition on the cutting edge of techological innovation: in a joint venture with Google, Aston Martin will take part in the 2018 Championship with a driverless car.

According to anonymous sources, early tests seem to show that an automated F1 car can be competitive with an equivalent car driven by an expert human and, in challenging conditions such as a wet track, could even perform slightly better.


Current rules, however, require pilots to be sitting in the cars. This brings us to one more astonishing part of the announcement, even though the names are not public yet: the main sponsor of the venture is going to be Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, owner of the James Bond and 007 franchise. Tis is directly related to the names of the pilots, who will be announced during the presentation of the next James Bond movie and will be, with a magnificent marketing stunt, the agent himself and the “Bond girl”. Rumors report that Daniel Craig is carefully considering accepting the role despite the risks, probably weighing the potentially monumental boost to his fame. As for the Bond girl, chances are on the rise for the relatively unknown but undoubtedly charming April Foolsmyth.


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