5 simple steps to make football interesting


It might be surprising to think of football as something that could be interesting itself, and not as a societal phenomenon. Yet, I am sure that with a few changes it could really become something worth watching.

  1. Once the ball has been taken to the other half of the playing field, it can’t be taken back. If you do, your opponents will benefit from a throw-in. Come on, all these passings are simply pointless.
  2. Forget offside. The rule is as outdated as the second amendment. And, by the way, it is absurd to make the few interesting passings (see 1.) irregular!
  3. Actual playing time. 2 halves, 25 minutes each. 50′ of real play would be enough – and, anyway, much better than 80′ of backwards passings.
  4. Unlimited substitutions. Why bother?
  5. When a draw is not allowed, as in World Cup finals, just go on playing until somebody scores. They will be motivated to make some action happen.

Well, I know. Just joking, I know I’ll just have to keep following other stuff.



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