Reading tips

Time to honor Umberto Eco: for this sad task, I have an unlikely piece of advice for whoever has read Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci code”.

For those who enjoyed the thriller, but were left a bit unsatisfied by the shallow narrative.

For those who were entagled by the underlying conspirational theory, but found it a little bit flimsy.

For those who struggled through the book but were left with the feeling that art and history deserve a more competent treatment.

For those who dropped it because it’s so unsophisticated and did not waste their time reading similar stuff.

And finally, for those who didn’t even begin it, but read something about it because, at least in principle, it might have turned out to be interesting.

If you’re still with me, well, here’s my tip: go grab a copy of Eco’s “Foucault’s pendulum”.


[Image credits: Pendule de Foucault au Musée des arts et metiers (Paris); des pions sont placés autour et sont renversés au fur-et-à-mesure que le pendule tourne. Auteur/author : Hervé Marchebois]


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