The One-Note Song

Innovation in music is usually about distribution: new channels to listen to, new ways to monetize, new networks to leverage in order to build popularity and reputation…

But what about music itself? Every new piece of music that is written has its own uniqueness, and is therefore intrinsically new. Old songs can be executed with different instruments and styles, providing countless opportunities for experimentation.

Sometimes, innovation comes at the expense of appreciation by the general public: experimental music can be tough to enjoy, and sometimes harder to understand than conceptual art. One would expect a song with a tune made of one single note to be a bore, and would hardly bet a dime on its success in a popular contest such as the Sanremo Music Festival. Yet, these guys managed to get the 2nd place (and, it goes without saying, all the prizes awarded by expert panels). Brilliant!

Note: the intro does not count for single-noteness, as it says

Pursuing the dream of a complex tune,
crowded with the most uncommon convolutions…
…and then you realize
that all you needed was that single note,
the most beautiful one.

What a fool, I should have thought about the single-note song


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